Collection: Plates

In this ongoing collection of photographs, I explore the intricate dance between humanity and the natural world, focusing on the yearning to understand one's place within the larger tapestry of life. Each image acts as an ode to the elemental forms of existence, where the absence of color draws us closer to the weight of moments captured in time. The silence that permeates each frame is an invitation to pause and reflect, to immerse oneself in a contemplative space where inner experiences echo the world around us. In a profound way, this work is about continuously re-discovering and defining myself through my artistry amid the ever-changing tides of life.
It's my mission to create a visual archive of the human experience. Enduring the seismic shifts from the analog era to the digital age, photography remains a steadfast form of art. In the face of technological revolutions, it has not just survived but evolved, adapting to new mediums without losing its essence. This journey celebrates the resilience of a timeless craft that captures the soul of moments in the same profound way.
I've chosen to preserve my photographs in their original digital form by minting them on the blockchain, transforming them into unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. Titling the images as ‘plates’ echoes a traditional photography term used for cataloging original works, while simultaneously mirroring numerology's role in crypto art. Adding a tangible dimension to these personal narratives, handmade platinum editions follow separately, reinforcing the idea that the digital format is the foundational form of the artwork, and inviting you to reflect on their coexistence. This exploration unites innovation with tradition, weaving a narrative that echoes through art's history, where timeless artistry finds its modern voice.

Blockchain Images