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Plate 17, Radiant Reflections

Plate 17, Radiant Reflections

Emerging from the depths, I find myself entranced by the interplay of light and water. Sunlight dances upon the ripples, creating ephemeral patterns that mimic the constellations above. This photograph invites me to delve into the art of reflection, where the surface is more than a mere mirror; it becomes a canvas onto which narratives are etched in every ripple. It is an exploration of the profound nature of reflection, where the surface conceals stories and narratives that mirror the complexities of our inner and outer worlds.

Original Digital Token
Year: 2023
Token Standard: ERC-721
Contract ID: 0xFcC83BB00b2C3E51ec580d2B5cA4890f3A40Dcf0

Medium: Platinum/Palladium
Edition of 6
Size: 6¾ x 9
handmade and signed

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