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Plate 15, Ebb Tide

Plate 15, Ebb Tide

This image becomes a visual poem, an intricate dance of light and shadow. It unfolds as the tides narrate the tale of impermanence, inviting me to explore the eternal dialogue between land and sea. The image erases the boundaries between these worlds, leaving behind a canvas painted with water and sand. Through this photograph, I decipher the language of impermanence, gaining a glimpse into the ever-changing world that surrounds me. It encapsulates the essence of flux and transformation, where my perspective shifts with each ebbing wave.

Original Digital Token
Year: 2023
Token Standard: ERC-721
Contract ID: 0xFcC83BB00b2C3E51ec580d2B5cA4890f3A40Dcf0

Medium: Platinum/Palladium
Edition of 6
Size: 6¾ x 9
handmade and signed

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