Jessica Cardelucci is a self-taught photographer from California. 

She waits for the image to strike her, finding unique moments that often go unnoticed. Her photographs encourage the viewer to experience the same intimate connection to her subjects that she felt when she took these images. Embracing the transformative power of natural light, she creates some of the finest intimate black and white images.

Cardelucci received a BFA from Chapman University majoring in Graphic Design. Her images have received recognition in the IPA Int'l Photography Awards, Black & White Spider Awards, and Neutral Density Photography Awards. Jessica's Photographs have been exhibited at New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU), SCOPEArtShow Miami, W1Curates London, John Wayne International Airport, Community Art Project Laguna Beach, and with the National Park Service at Point Reyes National Seashore.

After spending her career creating physical prints, she discovered the technology of the blockchain in early 2021. Combining her love of art and tech, she chose to release her images on the Ethereum blockchain, becoming an early adopter of this new frontier. She has been highly respected for her efforts to elevate women in the industry and for being an advocate for encouraging other artists to own their own custom smart contracts. Her images have been collected by one of the industry’s most respected collectors 33NFT, sold on SuperRare, the industry's top curated platform, and are available on the secondary market.


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