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Plate 14, Found Abalone

Plate 14, Found Abalone

I invite exploration of the profound truths concealed beneath the ordinary. As I gaze upon this image, my attention is drawn to the hidden treasures of the shore, strewn like stardust upon the sand. The abalone shells, delicate and weathered, reflect the vast cosmos above, inspiring reflection on the interconnectedness of the microcosm and macrocosm. They represent the mysteries that await unraveling. This photograph is an exploration of revelation, unveiling the hidden depths that lie beneath the surface of existence.

Original Digital Token
Year: 2023
Token Standard: ERC-721
Contract ID: 0xFcC83BB00b2C3E51ec580d2B5cA4890f3A40Dcf0
Available on SuperRare 

Medium: Platinum/Palladium
Edition of 6
Size: 6¾ x 9
handmade and signed

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