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Plate 1, Home

Plate 1, Home

A turning point in my career was January 2021. We moved across the state from Northern California back to Southern California during the surge of COVID19 cases in the pandemic with our 1yr old son. My anxiety was at its peak and in a daze, this was the first image I created after arriving home in Newport Beach, California. It made me feel at peace. 

The month of January also coincided with my discovery of the app called Clubhouse which forever changed the trajectory of my art after learning about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum. During this time I not only returned home to my roots, but I also found a new home for my art on the blockchain. 


Minted on November 27, 2021 this token has evolved. The final image and title for Plate 1 was originally unrevealed. I chose to reflect on the crypto art industry through my work by using the tech. It is fascinating how people blindly mint generative art projects, trusting the artwork will be desirable to them. I found this phenomenon unique to this developing industry and wanted this piece of art to reflect that in its reveal symbolizing how much the collector trusts the artist. On November 27, 2022 the token was listed for auction with no reserve via Manifold, echoing how much I trust the community. 

The final image was revealed after being collected by pixelpete on November 28, 2022.  

Unique Digital Photograph
Year: 2021/2022
Token Standard: ERC-721
Digital Format: JPEG

Physical Edition
Platinum Print
Edition of 6



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