Plate 2, Self-Portrait

Change is inevitable in life. Sometimes you are prepared; often you are not. Becoming a mother and being faced with COVID19 catalyzed a new, unexpected path in my work. Often pulled in many directions with so little time, I realized I needed to become my own subject as a process of self-empowerment through vulnerability.

I chose to reveal this image on my birthday 2.2.22, a powerful number to me, signifying a new era valuing myself as a women in a male dominated industry. This is the first self portrait I have ever released through my art. 

Digital Token
Year: 2022
Token Standard: ERC-721
Contract ID: 0xFcC83BB00b2C3E51ec580d2B5cA4890f3A40Dcf0

Print Edition
Medium: Platinum Print
Edition: 6 +2AP
Size: 6¾ x 9
handmade and signed


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