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Cypress at Point Lobos

Cypress at Point Lobos

Sometimes it’s the places that bind us, a shared connection that transcends time. Monterey County has been a special place for many in my family. When I lived in Northern California I would frequent the coast and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve with my camera, I’ve always been drawn to this coastline which makes me feel grounded.  

Decades prior, my grandmother took my mom and aunt to live with a friend, Sue Sally Hale, at Rancho Point Lobos near the State Natural Reserve when my grandfather was drafted into the Vietnam War. Sue Sally was a Polo pioneer who broke the gender barrier in the male-dominated world of polo. With the support of her male teammates, she disguised herself as a man for two decades competing in the sport. I credit her for much of the grit and determination as a horsewoman that now runs through the blood of many women in my family. 

As I walk through the state park I can’t help but think how generations of inspirational women have walked here before me including family, friends, and photographers like Imogen Cunningham whose work I greatly admire. I chose to document the cypress tree which stands in solitude at the edge of the rocky point. It symbolizes the brave journey of carving your own path and standing tall where others never ventured before.  

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