Plate 4, Cambria Cliffs

The Central California coastline is pristine and wild. During the pandemic, when isolation and chaos had taken their toll on so many, the healing power of nature had become a refuge of solace and escape. The rugged cliffs and crashing waves are a stark reminder of the resilience of the natural world, providing hope and beauty in a time of darkness. This image captures the profound impact that finding solace in nature can have on the human spirit.

Digital Token
Year: 2021/2022
Token Standard: ERC-721
Contract ID: 0xFcC83BB00b2C3E51ec580d2B5cA4890f3A40Dcf0  

Print Edition
Medium: Platinum Print
Edition: 6 +2AP
Size: 6¾ x 9
handmade and signed



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