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4 Palms

4 Palms

I've spent my career documenting the beauty of my home state, California. During my exploration from south to north, the coast pulls my lens in its direction. I strive to document my home from a new perspective, preserving moments from our time in history. 

Before I took this photograph, 4 Palms, I was at dinner watching the horizon as the day was coming to an end. After dinner, I decided to walk along the Newport Beach Peninsula to watch the sunset. As I approached the sand, I noticed this angle of the trees and was stunned by the view. I captured this beautiful moment before the sun dipped below the horizon using my monochrome, minimalist style. I now have a record of what is considered a quintessential California day.

“4 Palms” is an award-winning image, awarded in the highly acclaimed 2021 ND Awards recognizing some of the world’s most talented professional photographers

Digital Token
Year: 2021/2022

Token Standard: ERC-721
Contract: 0x4592fdca89C5eA194f548e6Ee688156c29DB01a4
Token ID: 7


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