Platinum Prints

timeless elegance made by hand

The Platinum/Palladium printing technique is a remarkable artistic process that transforms images into enduring works of art by utilizing precious metals—platinum and palladium. These prints are renowned for their unparalleled archival quality, with the potential to endure for well over a millennium, assuming the paper can withstand the test of time. What sets them apart from modern prints is the way these metals fuse with the paper, creating a distinctive, almost ethereal radiance on its matte surface. These jewel-like prints occasionally leave behind delicate brushstrokes and nuances that enhance their handmade charm.

The Platinum/Palladium method is a contact printing process, requiring the negative to match the desired image size precisely. Each print is a labor-intensive masterpiece, a unique artistic creation in itself. Hand-coating with a brush is essential for each print, and this manual process introduces numerous variables that influence the chemical reactions, resulting in distinctive outcomes. The exposure requires a precise amount of ultraviolet (UV) light and humidity to gradually reveal the final image, a meticulous and time-consuming revelation.

Crafting a platinum print is a challenging endeavor, yielding a genuinely unique piece materialized through chemical reactions. The true glimmer of these prints comes to life when experienced first-hand, allowing one to bask in their luminous, nuanced tonality.