As a digital photographer deeply rooted in the digital native space, I value the digital form of my art as the true original. This philosophy guided my journey into blockchain photography, beginning with the sale of my Wild Mustangs series on OpenSea. This experience ignited my interest in this innovative medium and underscored the importance of full artistic control of my digital works.

In 2021, I worked closely with Manifold to deploy my own smart contract on Ethereum L1, allowing me to consolidate all my future photographic works under a single contract which I have titled as my 'plates'. This not only ensures easy tracking and authenticity but also respects my principle that the digital piece should be minted first, standing as the original work of art in its full beauty and resolution.

While current digital screens may not yet fully showcase the potential of digital art, by uploading my high-resolution images to decentralized storage I embrace the future of digital displays and projection. This leap into the digital art world reflects my dedication to preserving and future-proofing my digital legacy in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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Contract Address

Minting Addresses
0x37145F730Aa36eE38230C49830238bEb3F4B3D32 (2021)