Disruption: 33NFT x Cozomo de' Medici Exhibition London

Disruption: 33NFT x Cozomo de' Medici Exhibition London

London Exhibition

My image "Wild Mustangs: The Chase", part of the 33NFT collection, is currently being exhibited in DISRUPTION in London. This exhibition coincides with Frieze, London and features some of the most notable crypto art held in the 33NFT & Cozomo de' Medici collections.

“Together with 33NFT & The Medici Collection, we join forces to showcase some of their collection, including the grails of the crypto and digital art movement.”

33NFT is an anonymous NFT collector and owner of over 1,000 rare pieces of digital art and whose reputation is synonymous with the following three words: Trust. Friendship. Commitment. Cozomo de' Medici is a digital art collector and patron of crypto artists across all genres. He is known for his large-scale digital exhibitions in Los Angeles, Rio, London and New York, and as a holder of many notable works of the cryptoart movement.

Presented by W1 Curates
On view through Oct. 20th
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm   /   Sunday: Midday - 6pm
Flannels, 161-167 Oxford St, London W1D 2JP

Thank you Peter Li for photographing the exhibition

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