GM Sunshine

GM Sunshine is a generative photography collection. Using procedural editing, these 98 photographs are derived from a single abstract image of the sun.

Drawn to sunrises and sunsets people share a common need to experience and photograph them. These remarkable events are experienced uniquely each day. During the pandemic, the daily cycle of the sun kept repeating as I lost track of time. I became inspired to document the sun and its singularity expressed in multiples. These moments are so fleeting and unique each day, they remind us of something bigger than ourselves. The sunset, a symbol of an end is followed by a new beginning, its sunrise. What started as a personal body of work reflecting on a deeper connection to the sun turned into a project nodding to the NFT community and the early innovators within. GM, the future is bright.

In honor of the beloved GMs and my late grandmother, Sunshine.

Available as 1/1 NFTs on OpenSea
Images CC0, downloads available on Flickr


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