33Day x Nifty Gateway

33Day x Nifty Gateway


33Day x Nifty Gateway

The surge in Bitcoin Ordinal inscriptions (NFTs on bitcoin) served as a source of inspiration, leading me to contemplate the concept of art being encoded directly on the blockchain tokens. In many cases the art is stored in what's called off-chain data storage, however these NFTs have made it possible for artists to easily inscribe the image data directly on a satoshi, the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin (BTC). To capture this idea of permanance in the physical world, I created an image capturing nature’s markings preserved on natural rock.

This exploration of permanence and preservation is ingrained in my work, as I am fascinated by the idea of using different methods of permanence. Just as the markings on the rock have been preserved over time, I see the potential for my own art to be preserved through the blockchain, immortalizing it in a new and exciting way.

Digital Token
Contract: 0xC349a54010da3e1A6D05ABD9c4cf3310Ab52e2C2
Token IDs: 1-33
Token Standard: ERC-721
Chain: Ethereum
Edition Size: 33


Curated by 33NFT, this limited release featuring 11 artists was released on 3.3.23. Each work of art was made available as an edition of 33, available for purchase by drawings. With 486 entries submitted for my image alone, the edition sold out instantly and the work has continued to be collected on the secondary market.


GMUNK, Annibale Siconolfi, Oveck, Zuphioh, Cardelucci, Von Soul, Dosbrak, Leo Caillard, Parrott, Emanuele Ferrari, & Cryptojeweler
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